Monday, 23 January 2012

One year of blogging

We are back from our trek to Machu Picchu and while we are way too tired to blog about it tonight, I wanted to post something to celebrate the blog's one year anniversary. Exactly a year ago, we started this blog to let our friends and families know about our trip and to start documenting our preparation. A year later and the blog has many, many more readers than I could have ever hoped for.

THANK YOU. For taking the time to read about our adventures and mishaps. For sending us your encouragement and thoughts. For sharing the blog with others. For not making fun of me for looking like a dude in my travel clothes.

I really appreciate your support and readership; it's my motivation to keep the blog going despite our shoddy internet connection and limited down time.

As a little thank you gift, I'd like to share with you a haiku (yes, a haiku. It's the thought that counts, right?) that I wrote about our bus ride from Copa to Cusco.

Eleven hours on a bus: A Haiku
Three films in a row,
Talking dogs, dubbed in Spanish.
Why is it so loud?

Thank you for reading this mess.

1 comment:

  1. Happy Anniversary!!!! Can you believe it? One year ago it was virtual and in your mind, and for the anniversary you were in the Machu Picchu!!!!
    I am so proud of you and so happy to read your posts.
    THANK YOU to share your adventure with us.

    Gros Bisous

    PS : I did not know if I told you but I LOoooVED you new weeding rings they mean so much...