Our Route

Click Here for an interactive map of where we went on our trip. Below is a list of the places we went, step by step. (Editor's note: this list is embarrassingly out of date. I'm working on it, ok?)

And, just for fun, Click Here for the itinerary we had planned when we left. You may notice a few discrepancies...

Destination Arrival Date Departure Date Transport (Arrival) Notes
Departure from Marseille 12.15.2011 RTW
NYC 12.15.2011 12.18.2011 RTW Few days with friends in Brooklyn
Columbia, Missouri 12.18.2011 12.28.2011 RTW Christmas with family
Santa Cruz, Bolivia 12.29.2011 12.30.2011 RTW One day, little to do there
Samaipata, Bolivia 12.30.2011 01.04.2012 Taxi Gorgeous mountain village, highly recommended
La Paz, Bolivia 01.05.2012 01.06.2012 Overnight bus Frenetic, lively city. Our three-time home base while in Northern Bolivia
Rurrenebaque, Bolivia 01.06.2012 01.12.2012 Internal Flight Jump-off point for jungle tour, tour recommended
Copacabana, Bolivia 01.14.2012 01.16.2012 Bus Village on Lake Titicaca, cute and worth the stop
Cuzco, Peru 01.16.2012 01.19.2012 Bus Cool, modern city, full of history
Trek to Machu Picchu, Peru 01.19.2012 01.23.2012 Trek Five-day Salkantay trek, can't recommend this enough
Arequipa, Peru 01.24.2012 01.26.2012 Overnight bus A nice enough city, but not that interesting after Cuzco
Mollendo, Peru 01.26.2012 01.28.2012 Bus Nothing there but the beach and a ton of locals, great place to escape the backpacker scene
Sucre, Bolivia (Via La Paz) 02.01.2012 02.09.2012 Overnight bus Our home away from home. A must if you want to relax.
Potosi, Bolivia 02.09.2012 02.11.2012 Bus Not a pretty town, but interesting enough for the history.
Uyuni, Bolivia 02.11.2012 02.12.2012 Bus Jumping off point to Salar de Uyuni
Tour of Salar de Uyuni 02.12.2012 02.14.2012 Jeep Insanely beautiful- recommended, but choose your tour agency wisely
San Pedro de Atacama 02.14.2012 02.19.2012 Jeep/ Bus Beautiful surroundings, but very touristy
Purmamarca, Argentina 02.19.2012 02.19.2012 Bus Very pretty village, but no vacancy!
Jujuy, Argentina 02.19.2012 02.20.2012 Bus Nothing of interest- stopover
Salta, Argentina 02.20.2012 02.22.2012 Shared taxi Pretty city, but not much to do in area
Cafayate, Argentina 02.22.2012 02.26.2012 Bus Lovely wine village in desert surroundings
Buenos Aires 02.26.2012 03.05.2012 Overnight bus Amazing city, we loved it!
Colonia del Sacremento 03.05.2012 03.07.2012 Boat Very pretty Unesco village and great beach
Bariloche, Argentina 03.08.2012 03.10.2012 Overnight bus Switzerland in Argentina, great hikes
El Bolson, Argentina 03.10.2012 04.07.2012 Bus Volunteered for a month, pretty area and great hikes
Mendoza, Argentina 04.08.2012 04.11.2012 Overnight bus Ok city, great wine/bike tours
Uspallata, Argentina 04.11.2012 04.13.2012 Bus Jump-off point for hikes around Mt. Aconcagua
Santiago, Chile 04.13.2012 04.16.2012 Bus Hung out with our buddy Devin for the weekend
Valparaiso, Chile 04.16.2012 04.18.2012 Bus Vibrant, frenetic city on the coast. Great graffiti.
Horcon, Chile 04.18.2012 04.21.2012 Bus Sleepy little fishing village, rented a studio and loved it
Easter Island, Chile 04.22.2012 04.27.2012 RTW Incredible, historic and beautiful. A highlight of the trip
Santiago, Chile 04.27.2012 04.29.2012 RTW One last weekend with Devin, Willie and Roeland
Auckland, New Zealand 05.01.2012 05.03.2012 RTW Really cool, livable city on the coast
North Island, New Zealand  05.03.2012 05.08.2012 Camper van Trip around Northland in a camper van. Beautiful scenery!
Waiheke Island, New Zealand 05.08.2012 05.13.2012 Boat Rented a cottage with Ashley and Maura. Beautiful, relaxing, great beaches and wineries.
South Island, New Zealand 05.14.2012 05.31.2012 Camper van 17 days in a camper around the South Island. Stunning landscapes, esp. Southland and Fjordland
Sydney, Australia 05.31.2012 06.03.2012 RTW Hung out with our friend Maura for the weekend
Brisbane, Australia 06.03.2012 06.04.2012 Internal Flight Only spent a night in Brisbane, hardly saw the city
Eltham Valley 06.04.2012 06.16.2012 Bus Volunteering for two weeks on a pecan farm 
Byron Bay 06.16.2012 06.18.2012 Car Met up with our friend Holmes (an Aussie we met in Bermuda). Cool beachy town.
Queensland, Australia 06.18.2012 07.04.2012 Camper van Two week road trip from Brisbane  to Port Douglas via Cairns. The hidden campsites were more interesting than the cities.
Sydney, Australia 07.04.2012 07.06.2012 Internal Flight Two more days exploring Sydney
Singapore 07.06.2012 07.09.2012 RTW Three days gorging ourselves in hawker centers and exploring diverse neighborhoods.
Kuala Lampur, Malaysia 07.09.2012 07.08.2012 Bus Diverse Asian city, with distinct western influence. Good eats in Chinatown.
Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia 07.08.2012 07.09.2012 Bus Pretty town known for it's excellent food
Bangkok, Thailand 07.10.2012 07.17.2012 Overnight train Dynamic city that is much cleaner and more interesting than its reputation
Yangon, Myanmar 07.17.2012 07.19.2012 Flight Modern by Myanmar standards, very interesting by ours. Friendly people.
Bagan, Myanmar 07.20.2012 07.23.2012 Overnight bus Valley of 3,000 temples. Breathtaking.
Mandalay, Myanmar 07.23.2012 07.24.2012 Bus Only spent a night, city didn't leave any impression. Most sights are outside city.
Hsipaw, Myanmar 07.24.2012 07.28.2012 Bus Trekking town hardly touched by tourism. Amazing hike to tribal villages.
Nyang O, Inle Lake, Myanmar 07.28.2012 08.05.2012 Overnight bus The lake is the attraction, but touristy. Best to go trekking around the lake to the tribal villages. 
Yangon, Myanmar 08.06.2012 08.07.2012 Overnight bus One night in Yangon. Power outage.
Bangkok, Thailand 08.07.2012 08.09.2012 Flight Met up with friends we had met during the trip.
Siem Reap, Cambodia 08.09.2010 08.14.2012 Mini-bus Temples of Angkor. Incredible. Siem Reap isn't interesting, but plenty of restaurants/ markets for tourists
Phnom Penh, Cambodia 08.14.2010 08.15.2012 Bus Interesting city, more for the people than the sites
Sihanoukville, Cambodia 08.15.2012 08.16.2012 Bus Some nice beaches, but the center is a touristy hell-hole. Jump off to Lazy Beach.
Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia 08.16.2012 08.25.2012 Boat First time at Lazy Beach as guests. Tropical paradise. Go now.